Whiterunkle and associates, a large marketing and advertising firm in Spokane, as a marketing representative. She also was a top sales representative for Pfizer Inc., a large pharmaceutical company, for many years which entailed detailing physicians on medication uses for viagra, zithromiacin, and many others. 

Her and her husband have been married since 1999 and have worked together for over 18 years on their portfolio of investments.

About Leilani Scribner

As managing member of Scribner Investment Companies, Leilani Scribner continues to carry an executive role in the operations of the company.  

Leilani Scribner was raised in Hawaii where she attended Punaho School for 12 years. She received her undergraduate degree from Whitworth College and her masters Degree from Eastern Washington University.

Ms. Scribner grew up working in her fathers law firm which specialized in real estate law. Her experience includes contract law, negotiations and marketing. After completing her masters degree, Ms. Scribner worked for